Guitar Lessons in Bethesda and Potomac

The International School of Music in Bethesda enables guitar students to develop high-level musical skills using a curriculum that is focused on solid fundamentals while also allowing students to play the music that they love and enjoy.

Our guitar teachers offer lessons in:
• acoustic guitar
• electric guitar
• bass guitar
• banjo
• ukulele
• mandolin

Guitar lessons are offered in:  
• classical
• jazz
• rock
• pop
• country
• metal
• blues
• and just about every other guitar style imaginable to students of all ages and levels.

Beginner Students

Beginner students start working on simple songs and melodies, chords, sight reading and theory.

Intermediate And Advanced Students

Guitar lessons for intermediate and advanced students focus on dynamics and musical interpretation, scales, arpeggios, and dexterity, while helping the student develop listening skills, left and right hand independence, coordination, reading skills and improvisational creativity.

All guitarists will learn to read tablature as well as standardized music notation, chords, finger picking, lead guitar, and rhythm technique. We balance musicianship and fun by making sure that students are challenged with a new technique or theory concept in each lesson, but lessons always end with something fun such as the student’s favorite song or riff.

Guitar classes at the International School of Music are enhanced by multiple performing opportunities that allow students to showcase a solo performance in a recital or jam with other musicians, including a rock band or guitar ensemble. Young, old, experienced, or beginner students will all find that the International School of Music helps you develop strong guitar skills and reach your musical goals.  And, when you are searching for guitar lessons near me, you’ll note that we are only minutes away from students in Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, Chevy Chase and Washington D.C.

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Why take Guitar Lessons with us?

With a large faculty and several teachers per instrument, we can find a teacher that fits each student’s learning style, and his/her musical goals. All students have the opportunity to discuss their individual goals and learning styles with faculty and staff so they are assigned to the guitar instructor best suited for them.

The International School of Music provides a comprehensive and robust music education. Guitar instruction is offered in all genres from classical, jazz, pop, rock, to folk, blues, and other genres. Our music lessons are offered to students of all ages & levels in all instruments & voice including piano lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons, viola lessons, cello lessons, voice/singing lessons, flute lessons, drum lessons and more. Group classes, ensemble/chamber classes, our flute choir, fiddle band, guitar ensembles, string quartets, and early childhood music classes round out the selection of experiences offered.

We offer month to month lessons, so there are no semester minimums. Our flexible scheduling allows us to schedule family members simultaneously to save families hours of driving. Additionally, we offer over 300+ group classes annually, so students can make up any missed lessons.

Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin Classes at Intenational School of Music in Potomac, Rockville and Chevy Chase

Guitar Teachers

The most highly qualified guitar teaching faculty in the Washington metropolitan area

Our guitar teachers are dedicated to tailoring music lessons to your interests by learning about your personal musical goals and helping you achieve them.  Our guitar instructors are graduates of prestigious institutions and have extensive experience teaching and performing.  And, when you are searching for guitar teachers near me, you’ll note that we are only minutes away from students in Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, Chevy Chase and Washington D.C.

Guitar Performances at International School of Music in Rockville and Washington DC

Guitar Performances

Fantastic guitar performance opportunities

Students interact with peers by participating in performances, festivals, concerts, and masterclasses with faculty and other visiting artists. Recitals, included in the tuition, allow each student to display their achievements. Our guitar students have unique performance opportunities, such as our Carnegie Hall, NY Honors Recital, our Passport Concert Series, as well as our Ambassador Community performances.

International School of Music graduated from International School of Music curriculum in piano, guitar, and violin

Guitar Curriculum

Charting students’ progress through written evaluations

Optional guitar evaluations contribute to our students’ long term success and ensure that they progress.  Optional Certificate/Diploma Programs are offered by ISM both through its own program and by meeting the standards of ABRSM, ASTA, National Piano Guild, NATS, MTNA and many other national organizations.

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