Music Lessons for Adults

You are never too old to learn how to play an instrument. Take adult music lessons and learn how to play any style of any instrument. Sign up for adult music lessons in Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, Chevy Chase, or Washington, D.C.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to play a certain instrument but never had the time until now? Or maybe you took music lessons years ago as a child and have been meaning to take them up again? Perhaps you’re a professional preparing for upcoming auditions or recording sessions? At the International School of Music, many adult students study with us each week. No matter your age, our instructors at ISM will customize a lesson plan for you based on your interests and goals.

Private Adult Music Lessons

We are happy to teach adult students at any level from beginner to advanced. Lessons are provided in a fun, low-pressure environment. At ISM, adults study music in a supportive atmosphere that facilitates and encourages the process of learning. Participation in our recitals, of course, is also encouraged but entirely optional. Adults may choose to study any instrument they would like, as it truly is never too late to start! And, when you are searching for music lessons near me, you’ll note that we are only minutes away from students in Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, Chevy Chase, and Washington D.C.

Private music lessons are offered in:

  • Piano – Keyboard and piano
  • Strings – Violin, fiddle, viola, cello, bass, and harp
  • Guitar – Acoustic, guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, banjo, bass, mandolin
  • Voice – Classical, Broadway, jazz, pop, rock, folk
  • Percussion – Drums, hand percussion, symphonic, mallet
  • Woodwinds – Flute, recorder, piccolo, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, oboe
  • Brass – Trombone, French horn, tuba, euphonium, trumpet
  • Theory – Music theory, ABRSM theory, composition, songwriting, improvisation

Music Lessons for Adult Students at International School of Music in Potomac, Rockville and Chevy Chase


Our experienced faculty has the patience and expertise to work with adults in many areas, including technique, note-reading, rhythm, theory, and interpretation. Their encouragement helps students develop the necessary basics in a fun yet challenging manner. Repertoire is based on a variety of musical styles in order to enhance enjoyment and maintain interest.  And, when you are searching for music teachers near me, you’ll note that we are only minutes away from students in Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, Chevy Chase and Washington D.C.

Vocal Coaching for Adults at International School of Music in Bethesda and Chevy Chase


All adult students, regardless of ability or complexity of repertoire, are encouraged to participate in the recitals. The recitals are optional and provide an opportunity to present music that students have mastered. Students gain feedback from their peers, feel more comfortable performing, and develop a confident stage presence. Instructors work with each student to choose the most appropriate pieces for their performance.

Piano Classes for Adults at International School of Music in Bethesda and Potomac


Many adults have found that learning to play a musical instrument is a stimulating, challenging and rewarding way to relieve stress and be involved in creative and recreational activity. Our programs and classes are conveniently scheduled around the average adult’s busy schedule. Daytime, lunch hour, evening and weekend times are available. Adult students can choose from an array of learning opportunities: private instruction, classes, ensembles, workshops, performances, and recitals.

What to Expect During Your First Lesson

When you begin playing a new instrument, you are going to learn the fundamentals of that instrument — the things that pave the way for the rest of the techniques you are going to learn. You will learn the treble and bass clef, get to know how to play different notes, and you will learn about timing. Music theory is also an essential part of learning a new instrument, and our teachers will help you through every step, so you feel confident moving forward.

Be Dedicated to Practicing

You may have a busy work schedule or social life, but the truth is that the more you practice the better you will become. If you truly cannot seem to find the time to practice, then find at least 15 minutes to practice, at the bare minimum. If you can do even 15 more minutes, however, then you will learn faster and your progress will be more solid. It is important to remember that your development depends largely on the time and effort you put into learning the instrument, as well as the quality of education you receive!

You Are Talented

If you are interested in learning a new instrument but are nervous or scared to be embarrassed, you have nothing to worry about. Each member of our faculty is highly skilled to teach and educate students of all ages, helping you excel at whatever instrument you choose, and encouraging growth every step of the way. Don’t let your dears stop you from pursuing such a beautiful passion like playing a new instrument. Adult beginners are often fearful of getting started because they do not want to make a fool of themselves, but it is a proven fact that adult learners tend to be very goal-oriented.

Unlike children, adult learners are more serious about learning an instrument. Further, adult learners have the ability to concentrate for longer and utilize more mental effort to practice for longer. Don’t let yourself fail before you even start — if you are interested in taking adult music lessons in Bethesda, Potomac, Chevy Chase, or Washington D.C., then you know who to call.

As an adult music learner, you have the ability to analyze quicker, focus deeper, and harness your amazing brainpower to learn a new skill you never would have otherwise! Whether it takes you five or 50 tries to learn a new song, the fact is that you are doing it! Remember that everyone goes through the same process of learning a new instrument. For many who have never done it before, learning an instrument can be a foreign experience that they have to grow accustomed to.

Call ISM for Private Adult Music Lessons

As an adult, you don’t want to waste your time or money at any music center offering classes. If you are looking for the best education while also making sure you get the best return on your musical education, then contact the International School of Music and speak with one of our many teachers. We believe that it is essential for you to learn with the best music instruction, especially as a beginner because it lays the foundation for the rest of your education. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Call ISM today and schedule an adult music lesson today.

In-Person and Online Music Lessons

The International School of Music also offers in-person lessons at one of our locations and online music lessons as a part of our distance learning program in the following instrument:

  • In-Person and Online Piano Lessons
  • In-Person and Online String Lessons: In-Person and Online Violin Lessons, In-Person and Online Fiddle Lessons, In-Person and Online Viola Lessons, In-Person and Online Cello Lessons, In-Person and Online Bass Lessons
  • In-Person and Online Guitar Lessons: In-Person and Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons, In-Persona and Online Electric Guitar Lessons, In-Person and Online Ukulele Lessons, In-Person and Online Banjo Lessons, In-Persona and Online Bass Guitar Lessons, In-Person and Online Mandolin Lessons
  • In-Person and Online Voice Lessons:  In-Person and Virtual Classical Voice Lessons, In-Person and Virtual Broadway Lessons, In-Person and Online Jazz Singing Classes, In-Person and Online Pop Singing Classes, In-Person and Online Rock Singing Lessons, In-Person and Online Folk Singing Lessons
  • In-Person and Online Percussion Lessons: In-Person and Virtual Drum Classes, In-Person and Online Hand Percussion classes, In-Person and Virtual Symphonic mallet classes
  • In-Person and Online Woodwind Lessons: In-Person and Online Flute Lessons, In-Person and Online Recorder Classes, In-Person and Online Piccolo lessons, In-Person and Online Clarinet Lessons, In-Person and Online Saxophone Lessons, In-Person and Online Bassoon Classes
  • In-Person and Online Brass Lessons: In-Person and Online Trombone Lessons, In-Person and Online French Horn Classes, In-Person and Online Tuba Lessons, In-Person and Online Euphonium Classes, In-Person and Online Trumpet Lessons
  • In-Person and Online Music Theory Classes: In-Person and Online ABRSM theory Classes, In-Person and Online composition classes, In-Person and Online songwriting classes, In-Person and Online improvisation classes


“Wonderful, talented teachers starting with my violin teacher SL, and extremely courteous and caring staff –MM, CS, ER, JR– with great sense of quality service to students.” –Bernard D.

“My weekly voice lesson is the best 1/2 hour of my week!” –Michael T.

“Anika has amazing teachers for voice and piano. They have inculcated confidence and live for music! So happy to have ISM close to our home.” –Sikka

“My teacher Matt has been one of the best teaching relationships I have ever had. He has taught me so much and I feel that he cares very much about me as a person. I have been lucky to have had him as a voice teacher.” –Colin M.

“Mr.Dunkin is a wonderful and patient saxophone teacher. We are very pleased with ISM as a school and with their choice of having amazing intructors.” –Daviel D.

“Mathew is very good teacher with a lot of patience! Thanks!” –Francesca G.

“Mostly professional and very well run.” –Alison C.

“I was impressed by the customer service when I first got in touch. I inquired at a few different places for voice lessons, and your staff was the most responsive and helpful. (Why I decided to take lessons with you!) Randi is also awesome – she is calm and understanding of a person who has never taken singing lessons before, and she is very serious about ensuring I am able to learn songs I actually enjoy singing!” –Marie M.

“Both Randi and Meghan are great. So are the front desk staff! I recommend ISM all the time!” –Ellie R.

“Love the school , administrators and teachers who are skilled and talented!” –Gabriel N.

“Both my instructors helped me do something I never thought I could do, perform live and enjoy it.” –Peter H.

“The staff is professional, and really cares about the students. The communication is always good and personal. I love the teachers.” –Gabriel

“Great instruction at convenient times for affordable rates!” –Peter S.

“I find all the staff members very nice and charming. The whole experience is very good and I really enjoyed and did learn quite a lot from the lessons.” Betty Z.

“I love taking classes at ISM because all the staff is very kind, friendly and professional! James is the best saxophone teacher!!!” 😉 –Carol D.

“I look forward to coming to class every week because I learn so much from Miss Joelle. She very caring and motivates me well!!” –Gabrielle K.

“Great teacher, very organized systems, good follow up!” –Coby M.

“ISM has been great! It was so nice to call and receive an introductory piano lesson soon thereafter! Staff is very courteous as well.” Jack Z.

“Hanni is patient and fun. She encourages me and helps me become a better student. Thank you!” –Alexander S.

“My teacher is great and everyone is very nice and helpful.” –Melinda B.

“Eric is an amazing teacher who always thinks of new ways to help me understand theory and enjoy learning to play the piano.” –Sonja B.

“Wonderful teachers! They are knowledgeable in music and skilled at teaching. We have had two enthusiastic and motivating teachers in our years and ISM.” –William H.

“We love our instructor. I also like the numerous student recitals throughout the year.” –Matthew K.

“Excellent teachers and amazing front desk representatives!” –Mila N.

“Great lesson structure and personalized pace, great instructor.” –Lara D.

“Very flexible. Good quality teaching, friendly – easy. Recitals are low key and not threatening to students.” –Emma D.

“Working with Lindsey is wonderful. The staff is always friendly and responsive.” -Spencer H.

“I am pleased with my teacher, and the pleasant atmosphere of our lessons. I have learned a lot, including some things I didn’t expect,
such presentation while playing, especially when playing for others. Those things count, but I had never learned about them before.
Learning that has improved my confidence.” –Candace R.

“Great learning environment and amazing instructor.” Sarah J.

“I am so pleased to be taking piano lessons at the school. It is managed so well, and communication has been very easy and smooth, everyone in the front is very professional, nice, and friendly. I am so appreciative of my extremely talented and gifted teacher, Byonghee, and I am delighted with how much I am learning from her.” Lisa B.

“My teacher Eric is an excellent music teacher. I enrolled after I hadn’t played for over a year. I was very apprehensive, but Eric made me feel at ease to play again. He has a great amount of patience and knowledge to impart. In the short time I’ve taken lessons, he has taught me so much. He is always encouraging to me and guides me toward improving.” –Janine R.

“International School of Music has provided me with excellent service and my instructor is really nice. I receive lots of help making sure I play my instrument properly and to the best of my ability. I have had a great experience!” –Claudia M.

“The quality of the instruction from Kate W. has made my experience at ISM top-rate. I look forward to my lessons with her and am inspired to take what she teaches me and work on it at home.” –Ann M.

“Easy to schedule, great & high-quality instruction!” –Jane H.



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