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Violin Classes at International School of Music in Bethesda and Potomac

International School of Music Testimonials

ISM Student Success Stories

We’re so fortunate to provide the finest music education to such an amazing community. When asked about their experiences at the International School of Music, here is what our Students and Parents had to say about their music lessons……

Students’ Testimonials

“Our teacher is so positive and encouraging and always makes classes fun! Our guitar class is the highlight of the week!” –Christina

“You have increased my love for an instrument which before, I only appreciated. It has been an amazing musical adventure, and your lessons will stay with me for a lifetime. It is because of your patience, passion, and dedication that I have done so well and it is because of you that I have become less nervous on stage.” – Lacbawan

“Not only did you help me to revive my joy for playing, but you really challenged me to do more than I thought I could and all with a gentleness that is quite inspiring. The school is such a success because you are all at the heart of your teaching. Please know what a truly special part of my life these lessons have been!” – Mckenzie

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