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Harp Lessons in Bethesda and Potomac

Harp Lessons

At the International School of Music, we tailor harp lessons and curriculum to each individual student, focusing on each student’s goals and aspirations so students enjoy their lessons, while still progressing musically and developing the fundamentals. In their harp lessons, students learn proper hand technique, sight reading skills, improvisation skills, music theory, harp history, ear training, and learning how to read music. As students progress, they work on more complex rhythms, proper harp performance method, aural skills and ear training, memorization of compositions, harp technique, public performance skills, and expanding on their repertoire. Our harp students are introduced to various musical genres, and they play the pieces they love, from Celtic, Classical, Renaissance, Folk, and more. And, when you are searching “harp lessons near me,” you’ll note that we are only minutes away from students in Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, Chevy Chase and Washington D.C.

Voted the best for Music Instruction by Washington Families and Best of Bethesda, the International School of Music’s harp lessons offer all of the following:

  • Engaging, fun lessons taught by top-rated teachers who tailor class instruction to meet each student’s individualized goals and interests.
  • Trophies, certificates, and award wristbands to celebrate achievement.
  • 80+ student performance opportunities throughout the year including Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, and Strathmore.
  • Flexible makeup schedule via 300+ group classes which offer well-rounded music education and fosters a community atmosphere for our students.
  • Opportunity to participate in ISM ensembles and chamber programs.
  • Month to month lessons without a long-term commitment.
  • Excellent track record since 2004.
  • Professional office staff seven days a week to serve you.

Why Take Harp Lessons With Us?

  • Customized harp lessons for your individual musical goals
  • The best comprehensive piano classes in the Washington metropolitan area
  • Convenience and flexibility

Harp Teachers

The most highly qualified harp teaching faculty in the Washington metropolitan area are dedicated to tailoring music lessons to your interests by learning about your personal musical goals and helping you achieve them. Our harp instructors are graduates of prestigious institutions and have extensive experience teaching and performing. And, when you are searching for harp teachers lessons near me, you’ll note that we are only minutes away from students in Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, Chevy Chase and Washington D.C.

Our teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that a good musical education not only instills strong musical and technical fundamentals, but also fosters a true appreciation for the arts in general. Our staff and faculty believe in the power of music — music that cultivates self-esteem, self-discipline, and creating thinking skills. This belief creates a positive atmosphere for learning, progress, and fun. All students are introduced to the traditions and styles that influence different compowers to help them build a foundation and deeper appreciation for music.

Harp Performances

ISM offers fantastic harp performance opportunities so students can interact with peers by participating in performances, festivals, concerts, and masterclasses with faculty and other visiting artists. Recitals, which are included in the tuition, allow each student to display their achievements. Our harp students have unique performance opportunities, such as our Carnegie Hall, NY Honors Recital, our Passport Concert Series, as well as our Ambassador Community performances.

Certificate Programs

ISM charts students’ progress through optional written evaluations that contribute to their long term success and ensure that they progress. Optional Certificate/Diploma Programs are offered by ISM both through its own program and by meeting the standards of ABRSM, ASTA, National Piano Guild, NATS, MTNA and many other national organizations.

Interested in Taking Harp Lessons?

Students at the intermediate level will continue to develop the techniques that were first taught in the beginner level, polishing them to help guide them towards advanced lessons. Types of intermediate lessons include building a beautiful repertoire, working on spiccato, sautille, and other bow techniques, expressive phrasing, and many other skills.

Advanced lessons work on continuing to polish skills and techniques so they are performing to the best of their ability. In these lessons, bad habits will be eliminated, and the students will learn to add nuance and sophistication to their playing. Further, these lessons will help improve the quality of students’ practicing.

“We love Dr. Ahn. She teaches well, is very organized and makes opportunities for her students and keeps the parents informed.” –Rohit D.

“Easy to schedule, great & high-quality instruction!” –Jane H.

“All my kids started and are still taking classes there because we see the progress they continuously make.” –Samuel G.

“Teacher Mathew has patience with kids, he’s funny and makes me easily understand the instructions.” –Ricardo B.