Are you looking for something unique, something that your child will truly appreciate and benefit from for years to come? Sometimes, it’s the presents that don’t require any wrapping that end up being the most life-changing and meaningful. Or perhaps you’d like to treat yourself this holiday season to music lessons and learn to play your favorite tune?

Here are several reasons to give that creative person in your life or yourself the gift of music this year:

When you give the gift of music lessons, you are giving someone another tool for self-expression. Playing an instrument can be a great way to process emotions and engage in creative self-discovery. Playing music can be means to better understanding ourselves, others and the world around us.

Learning an instrument may also improve self-esteem. Through music lessons, students gain a sense of mastery over reading music and the technical proficiency that is involved in playing an instrument. Additionally, having goals for musical development and reaching those goals can be a highly rewarding experience. Performance opportunities are also great for developing confidence and presentation practice in front of an audience.

Learning a musical instrument has been strongly correlated with improvements in reading ability, focus, and spatial reasoning skills, among other things. To many, playing music can be a confidence booster, a method of relaxation, inspiration giver or an open door to new opportunities!

Musicians have a shared experience that creates social opportunities and improved social skills for children. Learning to collaborate and play in a group of musicians can be a bonding experience for young musicians, particularly teens.

New experiences and opportunities! Your budding musician may now have the skills needed to land that role in community theater, start a rock band, or just have fun performing for themselves or in a company of friends. Lessons are a great way to broaden their horizons and give them access to a new way of expressing themselves.

So, for the musician in your family or circle of friends, there is nothing quite like the joy of improving on their instrument or voice. They’ll be thanking you every time they learn a new song, improve their skill or master a new technique.  It is a gift that keeps on giving and memories last a lifetime!

So give us a call at 301-365-5888 or email us today to get your gift certificate and treat your loved ones to a gift that truly keeps on giving: Music Lessons!

Gift certificates at the International School of Music are available for online or in-person lessons in any instrument: guitar lessons, piano lessons, violin lessons,  voice lessons, drum lessons, saxophone and woodwind lessons, and much more. And, since ISM’s Gift Certificates can be picked up or emailed/ mailed to you quickly and they do not expire, they offer an opportunity to your loved one to study with some of the best, top-rated musicians!

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