In today’s world of technology, we are lucky to have the ability to quickly and almost seamlessly transition our in-person lives to online. Here at the International School of Music, we now proudly offer online music lessons, in addition to our in-person music lessons.   Due to the social distancing and pandemic, our students were able to create their own stage in the comfort of their home! Over 200 students got to share their talented performances with their families, friends and the International School of Music community via virtual recitals.

We are so grateful that we were able to provide such a rewarding opportunity to our ISM family! Music recitals, in general, promote musical progress and direction in one’s musical studies and they allow students to create new and exciting goals. They also give students the opportunity to perform in front of others, their family, and friends – all contributing to a well-rounded and expansive music education, which we, The International School of Music, so firmly believe is important in one’s musical education!

We had so much fun seeing all the wonderful progress our music students made over the last several months, in both their in-person and online lessons! It was such a treat to finally hear their awesome performances online on our International School of Music Facebook pages!

In a time where social distancing is amidst us, and we are stuck at home, not able to see one another in person, music was and is there for us. It is so great that we were able to utilize technology to connect with one another in a virtual platform. It gave our students the chance to show off their fantastic progress, it allowed them to set new goals in online settings, it helped maintain consistency and normalcy in such a trying time, and most importantly, it was fun!

We want to thank all the International School of Music students and teachers for all of their hard work, dedication, and participation in not only their music education, but in our Virtual Spring Recitals!

If you missed any of the recitals, or want to check them out, follow the links for each of the recital dates below!

May 30th Honors Recital
June 6th 1:00pm
June 6th 3:00pm
June 13th 1:00pm
June 13th 3:00pm
June 20th 1:00pm
June 20th 3:00pm
June 27th 1:00pm
June 27th 3:00pm

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