Voice Lessons in Bethesda and Potomac

If you are looking for the best voice lessons in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, then look no further! Voted best for Music Instruction by Washington Families and Best of Bethesda, the International School of Music voice lessons offers all of the following:

  1. Engaging, fun lessons taught by top-rated teachers who tailor class instruction to meet each student’s individualized goals and interests.
  2. Trophies, certificates, and award Wristbands to celebrate achievement.
  3. 80+ student performance opportunities throughout the year including Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, and Strathmore.
  4. Flexible makeup schedule via 300+ group classes, which offer well-rounded music education and fosters a community atmosphere for our students.
  5. Opportunity to participate in ISM ensembles and chamber programs.
  6. Month to month lessons without a long-term commitment.
  7. Excellent track record since 2004.
  8. Professional office staff seven days a week to serve you.

Our Voice Instructors

Our instructors work with you one-on-one to help you hone your singing skills and unleash your singing potential! Lessons include a mix of vocal exercises and singing the songs you love. Beginner students will work on things like:

  • Proper breathing
  • Sound Projection Support
  • Pitch and Pitch Range
  • Vocal Technique
  • Musicality

Our Philosphy

Our teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that a good musical education not only instills strong musical technical fundamentals, but also fosters a true appreciation for the arts in general. Our staff and faculty believe in the power of music — music that cultivates self-esteem, self-discipline, and creative thinking skills. This belief creates a positive atmosphere for learning, progress, and fun. All students are introduced to the traditions and styles that influenced different composers for music.

Styles Our Voice Lessons Are Offered In

More advanced students work on understanding dynamics, developing chest and head voices, learning the proper pronunciation of foreign languages, and learning about diction, vocal health, stage presence, characterization, and presentation. All of our voice lessons are singular to the students, so students get to choose the music repertoire they want to learn. Some of the styles that you can choose from include:

  • Musical theater
  • Classical
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Broadway
  • Opera
  • Country
  • Gospel
  • And more!

Performance Opportunities

We want to help your child excel in their instrument of choice, with the goal of showcasing their talents in performances. We believe that frequent performances in a friendly, informal atmosphere remove many symptoms of “stage fright” and gives students the opportunity to develop skills necessary for successful performance in other aspects of life. Students do not have to participate, but they are encouraged to, as participation is a fun way to showcase talents and support other students.

Students interact with peers by participating in performances, festivals, concerts, and masterclasses with faculty and other visiting artists. Recitals, included in the tuition, allow each student to display their achievements. Our piano students have unique performance opportunities, such as our Carnegie Hall, NY Honors Recital, our Passport Concert Series, as well as our Ambassador Community performances.

Certificate Programs

The International School of Music offers a variety of optional diploma and certificate programs to its students. These programs have been crafted to meet the needs of all students of all skill levels. They are valuable for students who want to deepen their musical involvement and education, attaining an especially high standard of performance and participation. Certification programs that apply directly to guitar students include the ISM Performance Evaluation Program, the ASTA, and the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music.

In-Person and Online Voice Lessons

The International School of Music offers in-person voice lessons at one of our locations and online as part of our distance learning program. Students can take virtual singing classes with our top-rated voice faculty from the comfort of their home! Our high-quality online voice lesson program uses video conferencing systems like Skype or Zoom. All students need is a laptop or tablet, a reliable internet connection, and their instrument.

Interested in Taking Voice Lessons?

The International School of Music provides high-quality voice lessons with experienced and educated teachers holding master’s degrees in voice performance and pedagogy. With a strong emphasis on healthy singing for life, our voice teachers combine a series of tailored exercises and music to help each student develop his or her unique, individual musical style and have fun at the same time!

Our students come to us for vocal coaching for a variety of reasons. Some are trying out for school musicals, others want to form their own band, some want to expand their vocal range, and others just love to sing and want to learn proper technique. Whatever your motivation, we will place you with a trained professional who will help you develop the critical techniques that will allow you to achieve your goals and more. And, when you are searching for voice lessons near me, you’ll note that we are only minutes away from students in Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, Chevy Chase, and Washington D.C.

“Anika has amazing teachers for voice and piano. They have inculcated confidence and live for music! So happy to have ISM close to our home.” –Sikka

“My teacher Matt has been one of the best teaching relationships I have ever had. He has taught me so much and I feel that he cares very much about me as a person. I have been lucky to have had him as a voice teacher.” –Colin M.

“My weekly voice lesson is the best 1/2 hour of my week!” –Michael T.

“I was impressed by the customer service when I first got in touch. I inquired at a few different places for voice lessons, and your staff was the most responsive and helpful. (Why I decided to take lessons with you!) Randi is also awesome – she is calm and understanding of a person who has never taken singing lessons before, and she is very serious about ensuring I am able to learn songs I actually enjoy singing!” –Marie M.

“Roxanna loves her voice instructor, Randi. She enjoys her lessons so much that she is always surprised that the half-hour goes by so quickly!” –Roxanna A.