Adult music lessons

The Adult Program at ISM is designed for adults of all ages, whether a student is beginning lessons for the first time, refining his/her advanced skills, or coming back after many years away from lessons. At ISM, adults study music in a supportive atmosphere that facilitates the process of learning.

Our experienced faculty has the patience and expertise to work with adults in many areas, including technique, note-reading, rhythm, theory, and interpretation. Their encouragement helps students develop the necessary basics in a fun yet challenging manner. Repertoire is based on a variety of musical styles in order to enhance enjoyment and maintain interest.

Many adults have found that learning to play a musical instrument is a stimulating, challenging and rewarding way to relieve stress and be involved in creative and recreational activity. Our programs and classes are conveniently scheduled around the average adult's busy schedule. Daytime, lunch hour, evening and weekend times are available. Adult students can choose from an array of learning opportunities: private instruction, classes, ensembles, workshops, performances, and recitals.

All adult students, regardless of ability or complexity of repertoire, are encouraged to participate in the recitals. The recitals are optional and provide an opportunity to present music that students have mastered. Students gain feedback from their peers, feel more comfortable performing, and develop a confident stage presence. Instructors work with each student to choose the most appropriate pieces for their performance.

Private Music Lessons are offered in:

violin acoustic clarinet classical
viola electric saxophone Broadway
cello ukulele flute jazz
bass banjo recorder pop
harp bass bassoon rock
fiddle mandolin oboe folk
keyboard symphonic trombone improvisation
piano mallet french horn ABRSM theory
  drumset tuba composition
    euphonium music theory


To schedule a trial lesson call 301.365.5888


  • Orientation session & consultations with program staff to discuss individual goals.
  • World-renowned faculty with extensive teaching experience in adult instruction.
  • All levels (beginners to advanced)
  • All styles: Students are able to choose from pop, jazz, rock, folk, or classical instruction.
  • Chamber & ensemble music groups, jazz combos and rock bands.
  • Extensive Teaching Hours and Flexible Scheduling: evening, lunchtime, weekends, etc.
  • Optional Adult Student recitals.
  • Professional accompaniment provided for performances.
  • Professional Environment: School atmosphere and facilities.
  • Ability to schedule family members at the same time.
  • Superb Customer Service: ISM administration is available to assist you during all teaching hours.
  • Optional Certificate/Diploma Programs (ISM Curriculum, National Piano Guild, ABRSM exams, ASTA, and more).