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Summer Music Camps at International School of Music in Bethesda, Rockville and Potomac

ISM Summer Music Camps

The International School of Music Summer Music Camps offer a wonderfully creative and fun atmosphere for children to explore and enjoy.
It is a great place to meet new friends, perform new music, and provide new inspiration to encourage continued study.
The wonderful memories and friendships forged at a summer music camp can last a lifetime, and provide a springboard for further development as individuals and musicians.


A summer music camp will help stave off the backward slide performance skills can take during the summer. They are a great way to bridge the gap in learning (and retaining) skills and concepts over the long summer months.

The summer music camp can strengthen existing friendships, and open the doors for new ones.
The summer break is a great time for fun-filled adventures.

Children work hard to learn the foundations creating music, and discovering passion within themselves. It does all this through self-expression, something other summer camps don’t always focus on.

Summer Music Thester for children and teens at International School of Music Summer Camps

Enchanted Musical Theatre (Ages: 7 to 12 years)

July 16–27 from 9:30am-3:00pm

This is an exciting opportunity for aspiring musical theater artists. We will create an original musical and work on acting, performance skills, music coaching as well as creating costumes, sets and make up. All of this will lead up to a final performance. Students enjoy the camaraderie of the ensemble spirit, while also developing their individual creative talent. For more information email – or Register Online

Bethesda students having fun in their piano lesson at International School of Music

Keyboard Kaleidoscope Camp: (4 to 6 years)

Tuesdays 5:30pm OR Wednesdays 4:30pm OR Thursdays 5:00pm

This is a first exploration of keyboard instruments where children are introduced to the building blocks of music: rhythm, pitch , note reading, and technique through playing games. By the end of the semester, children will be able to perform simple melodies on the piano. It is recommended students have access to a piano or keyboard outside of class to maximize their experience.  Class size is limited to six students. Call 301-365-5888 for a Trial or book it online!

Preschool Glee Cubs Classes at the International School of Music in Bethesda and Potomac

Glee Cubs Camp: (4 to 7 years)

Thursdays 6pm

Designed for children who love to sing! This class introduces fun vocal warm ups, vocal exercises, proper breathing, posture and simple repertoire. Students are also introduced to musical notation as well as basic music terminology, terms, techniques and ear training. Musical selections include folk songs, children’s rhymes and simple choral literature suited to young voices. Call 301-365-5888 for a Free Trial or book it online!

Instrument Explorer Class for Preschoolers at International School of Music in Bethesda

Instrument Explorers Camp: (4 to 5 years)

Wednesdays 5:30pm OR Saturdays 11am

What does it feel like to hold a violin in your hands? How do you make a sound on a guitar? Children learn about different instruments by seeing, touching, and hearing them. Each class session also includes a crafts portion in which children create real and imagined instruments. This class covers wind, percussion and string instruments. Additionally, these instruments are used to introduce melody and music notation. “Instrument Explorers” is a first introduction to musical instruments, in which they can discover their favorite for when they are ready to move to private instruction. The class is based on cumulative curriculum and adjusted for variety of themes at the discretion of the instructor.  Call 301-365-5888 for a Free Trial or book it online!

International School of Music can help you find the best teacher for your child's music lessons

Music Lessons in any instrument or voice

By appointment

Summer is a perfect time to start music lessons. Private lessons are available in increments of 30, 45 or 60 minutes in classical, jazz, popular, rock and other styles. Instruction is available in all instruments and voice by some of the best faculty in Bethesda. Call 301-365-5888 to schedule an introductory lesson today! Or Register Now Online

Musical Voyage Class for Preschoolers at International School of Music in Bethesda and Potomac

Musical Voyage (3 to 5 years)

Weds 2pm OR Sat 10am

This class is designed to promote musical independence, and to boost cognitive understanding of music. Students enjoy partner activities, musical games, and continue work with more advanced concepts such as tempo, dynamics, and timbre. Rhythm, songs, and vocal patterns are continued, while children are encouraged to begin creating their own music through simple rhythmic patterns and melodies. The goal of this class is to nurture the musical intelligence of each child by providing opportunities to explore musical concepts through a variety of sounds, instruments and recordings. The class is based on cumulative curriculum and adjusted for variety of themes at the discretion of the instructor. Call 301-365-5888 for a Free Trial or book it online!

Toddler Tones (2 to 4 years, with caregiver)

Mon 11:30am OR Tue 10:30am OR Thu 11am OR Sat 9am

Toddler Tones classes offer a musical experience for parents and young children through singing, movement and exploration. The classes engage children through songs, dance, chants, games, finger play and exposure to non-pitched instruments which all make this class a wonderful musical experience. Children develop the coordination needed to play instruments, words to simple songs, recognition of different rhythms and the ability to differentiate musical factors like pitch, volume, and time. Through improvisation, rhythms, play, acting, movement and song, this class will offer fun for you and your toddler. Call 301-365-5888 for a Free Trial or book it online!

Music, Imagination and Me Class for Toddlers and Prescholers at International School of Music in Bethesda

Music, Imagination & Me (3 to 5 years)

Mon 4pm OR Sat 12pm

This class encourages developing minds to improvise and stretch their imaginations through music. What would wind sound like at the piano? Could a painting turn into music? We create artwork and conjure pictures in our minds, then use the piano and other percussion instruments to make our thoughts come to life. In this class, children will become more aware of pitch and rhythm, recognize the sound of different instruments, become more expressive through music, and develop more sophisticated movement to music. The class is cumulative, year round curriculum and adjusted for variety of themes at the discretion of the instructor. Call 301-365-5888 for a Free Trial or book it online!

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