Winter break isn’t quite the same when you’ve already spent nine months inside the house during this pandemic, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t be memorable. Holidays will still have cheer, good food, and great company, but will it still have music?

Sure, the radio might be playing classics, but will you still be playing? Even on a normal day it can be difficult to reign in focus and practice an instrument, but just because the holidays are fun doesn’t mean we can’t play music, and it doesn’t have to be a chore either. Here’s a few ways you can inject some music into your break, and you never know, you might even enjoy yourself.

Live stream concerts: Many musicians and local venues have had to put their performances on hold due to COVID-19, which means many of YOU haven’t been able to go out to see live music. With dropping temperatures, options for seeing live music are becoming even more slim. However, being ever adaptable, musicians and venues have created livestream performances which not only allow musicians to perform again, but allows patrons to hear live music from the comfort of their homes.

The DC metro area is full of different performance groups and venues such as the National Symphony Orchestra, the Kennedy Center, Blues Alley, and the 9:30 club to name a few. Be sure to look up local venues to see who is playing, and support local musicians and venues during the holiday season.

Holiday Music and Duets: Besides listening to music, performing Holiday music is another way to spice up practicing during break. Even better than learning music for yourself, send videos of your holiday songs to family and friends.

You can also take advantage of your smart phone to perform duets with yourself. There’s a handy app called Acapella, which allows users to record multiple videos and layer them. Many musicians have been writing arrangements of popular songs from movies and TV shows, then playing all of the parts themselves.

You want to try it yourself? Here is a tutorial that walks you through the steps of how YOU  can create your own arrangements.

Have Fun: At times practicing  can seem daunting or like work, but music is meant to be a fun way to express yourself and relax. Enjoy your break, take time to enjoy family, but also take time to enjoy your music. Use the skills learned in lessons to create beautiful art.

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