Today’s current climate has limited many aspects of our daily lives, and completely shifted the way our kids are being educated. As educational learning turns to a virtual setting, the anticipated year where students are able to pick up a musical instrument and participate in bands, orchestras, and choirs has been brought to a virtual isolated experience.

This pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we are communicating and sharing, yet that does not have to halt music making all together, or more so, the incredible impact it delivers. An impact our society truly needs now more than ever.

Remember to the early months of 2020 when news outlets reported residents in quarantine playing music out on their balconies for their communities to listen to? If anything, music students are able to share their music making across the world to anyone that has a capable device, or an eager listening neighbor! As an added bonus, making music allows us to refocus our attention, anxiety, and worry to something more present and delicately in the moment to remind ourselves that we are alright, and can continue on.

Using the National Core Music Standards, here are a few ways music can help us continue on Connecting, Creating, and Responding during this unprecedented time.

Our virtual setting still fosters community: Students have a strong connection to music and with their music teachers. That fact doesn’t simply change over reconnecting through a capable device. This connection continues to be facilitated through a safe virtual environment where students can progress as successfully and confidently with their teacher. Families are highly encouraged to collaborate with teachers and discuss ways to better benefit musical learning for their children by addressing their needs each step of the way. This way all hands are on deck to provide students with the flexibility and supportive learning environment to be as successful, (if not more), than during in-person learning.

In addition, students are able to virtually connect and share their music with all those around them! Family members and friends across the globe can tune in and enjoy the wonderful joys of music students experience. Virtual recitals have only widened the audience for our students to share their music and connect within their mutual community of musical families and friends.

Blending technology with music: Through virtual learning, students are encouraged to be more creative than ever. By participating in online lessons, students are able to utilize technology to their own advantages. Today, students are understanding and using technology in more ways than ever, becoming responsible and accountable for their online presence, and taking advantage of online projects for their individual learning.

For music, those assignments can stem anywhere from recording one’s own pieces or assignments to gain feedback from their instructor or family members, composing their own songs, and participating in a multitude of creative virtual projects or expanded music lessons with their teachers.

Keeping your brain engaged with music: Igniting a new passion, resurrecting old hobbies, or continuing to maintain your musical progress virtually can help engage your mind and distract you during these times in quarantine, ultimately providing a positive response for your emotional wellbeing.

Even for adults, giving yourself the permission to have fun and be creative can-do wonders for managing stress and anxiety during today’s climate. By participating yourself and learning something new, you can find a new way to spend time with your children and make music as a family.

In today’s world, we must adapt to new changes in our daily lives. Yet that doesn’t mean we have to close the door on new opportunities for connection, creativity, and responding to the changing world around us. Music is the opportunity to continue on in the most positive way, by allowing us to participate and learn something fun and whole for us as we continue to navigate this changing climate.

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