We all know music is an important art form and a core subject for education. So when researching the prospect of music lessons for yourself or for a loved one, there can be different expectations in the value of your experience.

Why choose the International School of Music? Here are just a few of the amazing benefits our students receive through our program.

International School of Music Incredible Faculty: At the International School of Music, our teachers are made up from the most qualified and talented performers and educators, with renown concert and pedagogical experience.  ISM instructors go through an extensive interview process, ensuring the highest quality for our students’ musical experience for both young and adult students alike! Instructors are hired not just for their extensive performance and teaching experience, but also for their ability to connect with children, bringing passion, enthusiasm, patience, and warmth into each lesson. We take great care in providing a safe yet inspiring learning environment for you to be able to enjoy playing the music YOU want to learn, whether it be classical, pop, rock, folk, or jazz!

Exciting Programs: Along with your private music lessons, our school offers supplemental programs to further support and enhance your musical learning.

In addition to your one-on-one lessons, we provide opportunities for performing in over 80 annual recitals, some across the top venues of the Washington Metropolitan area, as well as at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center!

And to make music even more fun experience, the International School of Music offers multiple opportunities for our students with options to collaborate in many different bands and ensembles, from Fiddle Band to Flute Choir, Guitar Ensemble, String Quartets, Cello Choir, Piano Trio, duets, and more!

As the only music school in the Washington DC metropolitan area offering an exciting, new, cutting-edge Musical Ladder® curriculum, the International School of Music motivates students to practice more and reach greater heights! Through fun, engaging, & personalized music instruction, students make their way up the ladder earning cool music wristbands, certificates, and trophies!
In addition, our instructors can prepare students for any national and international optional tests such as ABRSM, National Piano Guild, ASTA, NATS, MTNA, and more if students love to participate in these optional opportunities!

Whatever goals you wish to set, we have the faculty and programs to help prepare you to achieve them.

Convenience and Flexibility: At the International School of Music, we know our families are leading busy lives, and during this unprecedented time we want to provide the most flexible and convenient way to get you to your lessons!
For families with siblings or multiple members taking lessons, we offer same day or same time scheduling, either having multiple family members able to take back-to-back lessons with the same teacher, or to have lessons occur at the same time with a pair of our amazing instructors.
For even more convenience, we are able to schedule any of our instrumental or voice lessons online from the comfort of your own home in addition to our regular in person lessons!
Have to go out of town, forget a lesson, or are sick? The International School of Music also offers a flexible makeup schedule of classes that never expire, so you can attend a class when it’s convenient for you!
Whatever your schedule, we are here to accommodate you and to provide consistency for your musical learning!

At the International School of Music, we are dedicated towards providing a wholesome musical experience to meet the expectations for all of our students and families! With a proven track record of excellence since 2004, the International School of Music has provided music lessons to thousands of families in the Washington DC metropolitan area. We’re so fortunate that our community shares our passion for excellence in musical training and performing. Visit our testimonial page to hear what our students and parents had to say about their music lessons!

We believe that a one-size-fits-all curriculum is neither realistic nor beneficial. Whether the student is a beginner or a seasoned professional, our instructors develop personalized lesson plans, so each student can flourish! And since each student has different tastes, learning styles and skill level, lessons are tailored to the individual student’s needs focusing on student’s interests and skill level.

We invite you to schedule an in person or online introductory lesson with us, please feel free to give us a call at: 301-365-5888 or visit our website at https://ismw.org/ to learn more about these exciting musical benefits we offer at the International School of Music!