International School of Music Celebrates its 15th Year Anniversary With an Exciting Performance at Carnegie Hall this July

“The International School of Music is a wonderful and happy community to walk into,“ Lucy, a voice ISM  student says as she is waiting for her music lesson today.

2019 marks The International School of Music’s 15th year of making a difference in its community with music!  “We’re so grateful for our wonderful community of hardworking students, supportive families, talented teachers, and dedicated administrators who have made the International School of Music what we are today,” says Cara Stuart, director of ISM.

In April 2004, the International School of Music opened its doors for the first time with only 30 students, 5 studios, and a lot of hope. Today, ISM faculty has grown to include over 130 world-class instructors teaching over 20 instruments and serving close to 1,500 students of all ages, levels and abilities.   Rina, an ISM Parent, comments on how much she has watched her son Dilan grow both in musicianship and in his love of music under the wing of his teacher, Dimitri K.  She tells us, “We have seen Dilan not only improve his musical abilities but his teacher has fostered a true love of music in Dilan. Dimitri is an incredible musician and a wonderful teacher and we have been honored to have him guide our son. We are constantly impressed how Dimitri not only encourages and motivates Dilan but all his students to perform at their best ability.”

The International School of Music program has grown to become one of the biggest and best in the country because of its commitment to serving its community and its dedication to students’ musical progress.  With locations in Bethesda and Potomac, Maryland, their students have started music lessons at every age and experience level and have hit the ground running with ambition and drive to better their musicianship. Some students, who study multiple instruments, like sisters Nikki and Andrea, explain that their teachers each have caring and exciting ways of approaching their music lessons.  Nikki, who studies voice and violin, says, “the teachers are nice and they keep track of you and care about you.”  Andrea, a piano  and flute student chimes in:  “Ms. Alice pushes me to do my best and helps me practice all the hard parts that I can’t understand.”

The International School of Music teachers are the true heroes, as they help their students reach new musical goals every week.   Woodwinds teacher, Anna B., loves watching how different students learn and helping them find the best path for their musical journey.  She marvels at how every student is very unique and “it’s really exciting to find just the right communication and teaching style to get to each student, so they can flourish and achieve their best”

Performing July 13th at Carnegie Hall

At the International School of Music, students play both professionally and for fun, and the most talented students have gone on to attend music conservatories all around the world.   This year, the International School of Music will mark its 15th anniversary with a celebratory student recital at New York City’s Carnegie Hall on July 13, 2019, showcasing some of their best students playing piano, guitar, violin and numerous ensembles!

Inja Stanic, ISM’s founder says: “Our mission is to make the world a better place by growing a generation of musically educated, loving, caring individuals, who will pass on their knowledge to future generations. We are building a school that responds to the community’s needs and fosters a lifetime of musical enjoyment.”

The International School of Music is grateful for the community support over the last 15 years and they look forward to sharing many more musical experiences in the years to come and seeing the impact its music makes in the community. To start your musical journey and to try music lessons with our studio, stop by the International School of Music, visit the contact page, or give them a call at 301-365-5888 today!