Auditions for the International School of Music Honors Recital at The Kennedy Center are upon us and they’re a little different this year – all auditions are being held via Zoom online! As musicians, auditioning is a part of the territory but having to do the performance online, adds a new aspect to it for sure. Once thing that is comforting is that we have already had a number of lessons online during this quarantine, so it won’t be too different than what we’ve adjusted to with virtual music lessons at The International School of Music.

Nervous for your audition? Don’t fret! Here are some helpful tips to aid in your live online music audition, to make sure you’re fully prepared and at your best! 

Practice, practice, practice! Practice is key in a successful audition – your music for the Honors Recital needs to be memorized, so be sure your music is well-prepared! The key to memorizing your music is practice, after all.

Practice your audition music in front of your camera and record yourself! With an online audition, it is key that the angle, sound, and lighting is adjusted appropriately so that the judges can hear and see your performance! To ensure all of this is set and you’re not wasting your audition time, it’s best to practice with the camera beforehand. Also, recording your practice session will help you hear any mistakes you may have made or things that need work still. It will also allow you to go back and check your music, which is super helpful when preparing for a memorized audition.

Be sure to submit your audition form and your score prior to your audition! If you haven’t done so already, you can contact ISM Administration for this form at and we are happy to help! 

On Audition Day:   

Dress appropriately! Wear clothes that make you feel confident, but still comfortable, and that are professional and nice! 

Make sure you’re in a well-lit, quiet space. We understand that this might be difficult while all of the family is home, but do your best to find a good space to audition in!

Be sure your internet connection is working! Each student only gets 15 minutes to audition, so it’s super important to be sure there aren’t any connection issues during the audition, to ensure there’s enough time to get through your music.

Check that your sound and video are working properly. This is key to a successful and productive audition! The judges need to see and hear you!

Get set up for your audition early so you’re ready for your designated audition time. This will help save time and make sure you’re not using up your audition time for anything other than playing for the judges!

Lastly, remember to say hello to the judges, smile, and have fun!!

So rather than getting stressed out about it, see your audition as an exciting opportunity to showcase your talents and show off the progress you’re making in your music lessons at The International School of Music. It’s also a great way to practice performing in front of others and learning to perform under pressure. 

The International School of Music is excited to return to the renowned Family Theater Stage at The Kennedy Center on June 26, 2020 for its Honors Recital, featuring some of the best and most talented! 

To get your tickets for the International School of Music Kennedy Center performance, go to the Kennedy Center website here or contact the International School of Music at