So, you’ve decided to enroll your child in piano lessons.  Congratulations!  You’ve just taken the first of many steps to broadening your child’s cultural horizons and providing an outlet for their creativity.  Now, you need to find a piano teacher, but how do you know what qualities to look for in your child’s piano teacher? To guide your search, keep reading for how to find a teacher . Once you’ve found a teacher that you and your child like, schedule a music lesson with us! With locations in Potomac and Bethesda, there are two opportunities for your child to start learning piano today.

Know What You’re Looking For

Before you start looking for a teacher, make a list of the most important aspects of your child’s music lessons that you must thoroughly consider. This will help you narrow down your search, which will yield more specific results and a much better outcome. Further, it also takes out the stress of looking for a teacher that will match your child’s needs! Things about things like:

  • What are your child’s musical goals?
  • How does your child best process information?
  • What type of music does your child want to learn?

Communication is Key

Learning a new instrument is far from easy, which is why verbal communication from the teacher is essential for effective and efficient learning. Ask the teacher what their preferred method of teaching is, and maybe see if you can schedule a paid session where you sit in on the teacher practicing with your child. It would be like a test-run where you are able to see if the potential candidate meshes with your child well. After the test-run, ask your child how they liked the teacher and if they felt comfortable to take lessons from them. Pay attention to the following things:

  • Does the teacher communicate content and expectations of practice and mastery in a way that your child understands?
  • No matter the experience level, does the teacher inspire, diagnose musical and technical problems, and work with your student to solve problems?
  • Does the teacher keep track of your child’s progress with a goal in mind?

Questions to Ask Your Teacher

While you continue your search, build a list of questions to ask the teacher. These questions should help you learn more about them, why they teach, and how they teach. Not to mention, their answers will give you the chance to truly see the kind of teacher they are without even having to see them practice with your child. Some questions that you might ask include:

  • What is your professional experience?
  • What is your teaching experience?
  • How would you describe your teaching style and curriculum?
  • What are your practice expectations?
  • What age groups do you teach?
  • What types of music do you teach?
  • Do you require students to perform in studio recitals during the year?
  • Do you encourage your students to participate in other performance opportunities for your students, such as festivals and competitions?

What to Look Out For During Lessons

It is recommended that you go with your child to their piano lessons. This gives you a behind-the-scenes look into what the lesson is like, what your child is like during the lessons, and what the teacher is like. Pay attention to how the teacher interacts with your child and how your child responds to the teachers guidance. Look out for things like this:

  • Does the teacher establish a comfortable environment for your child to flourish?
  • Does your child seem excited about lessons and practicing?

Attend performances!

Attending a recital of the teacher’s students is a great way to see how their students progress and where your child could be headed musically.  It’s also a pretty good indicator of the age group they typically works with and maybe (if you’re attuned to it) their strengths and weaknesses.

At the International School of Music, we provide a structured yet fun environment where students can accomplish their musical goals, regardless of age or experience.  Since not all students work at the same speed or have the same needs, we pride ourselves in finding the best student/teacher fit.  Ultimately, your child will enjoy piano lessons and will be motivated to practice and perform if they like the teacher, so it’s incredibly important to take the time to reflect on whether the teacher you’ve selected is truly the best match.  By understanding your child’s needs, communicating with the teacher, and taking a vested interest in their progress, you ensure that your child is set up for success.

Call us at 301-365-5888 to find out more about our piano lessons or schedule your introductory class. With music lessons available in both Potomac and Bethesda, Maryland, there is no reason not to sign your child up for music lessons today!