During childhood, children learn skills that they can put in their life tool box. Many of those tools, like universal signs, colors, and spoken and written language, are used by children and adults in their daily life. What if there was another skill that could help us keep every tool in the box sharp? The good news is that there is!


Benefits of Learning to Play the Piano

Learning piano can help sharpen every skill in life’s toolbox. When a young child begins piano, the benefits are endless. One of the early benefits of learning the piano is exploring creativity. Piano lessons provide an outlet for students to open up their creative minds and explore their imaginations. By exploring their imaginations, young pianists can sharpen their physiological and emotional capabilities. By sharpening these elements of learning, children will be able to develop and adapt to the world as a whole.

As students progress in their education, piano lessons can help sharpen new skills used in daily academic classrooms. Studies have found that music can help with language development through developing spatial-temporal intelligence. This intelligence is developed using the right side of the brain and helps sharpen the ability to comprehend shapes and puzzles. As this intelligence develops through piano lessons, other activities like speaking, writing, and reading can blossom as a result.

In piano lessons, students will embrace and learn not only about music but also about the vast world of musical culture. Piano students will dive into repertoire through learning about musical terms, styles, eras, and composers. Through learning the history behind piano repertoire, students learn how to better understand and appreciate practice and perform repertoire. This cultural knowledge will benefit students when learning in their academic history classes. As an added bonus, students will be exposed to musical terms in Latin, Italian, and German languages!


Lifelong Lessons

As a teen, piano lessons will help sharpen the daily skills of time management, organization, and responsibility. Older children and teens who participate in weekly lessons will be challenged to maintain concentration during lessons and practice sessions at home. Further, practice sessions at home will sharpen the student’s discipline and time management skills. These tools need to be sharp has teens develop into young adults.

As we age, many of the benefits that first helped sharpen skills in young children can also help sharpen adult minds. Adults who participate in piano lessons will be participating in continued learning and mental growth. Enrolling in piano lessons as an adult will reinvoke motivation for continued learning. Lessons will help sharpen concentration and memory. There is a growing body of work that suggests that the simple act of learning a musical instrument can reduce the

effects of Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and increase levels of feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.

Learning to play the piano is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child or yourself. From an early age, mental growth can blossom through studying piano. As children grow, teenagers will gain the skills of organization, time management, and responsibility. Throughout life, studying piano will keep all the tools in your toolbox sharp so you are ready for any situation life may throw at you!

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