At the International School of Music (ISM), we know that life happens, and sometimes students cannot attend their regularly scheduled lesson. Partnering with LessonMate, ISM is able to offer video lessons, recorded by your student’s teacher and tailored to each student’s experience and needs!

Through LessonMate, your teacher will be able to share personalized lesson notes, music, videos, and more directly to you! Over time, this will create a lesson journal, specifically designed for your student, that contains all of your past assignments and lesson notes to promote steady progression.

When a student misses a private lesson at the International School of Music, we make it possible to still receive tailored and guided instruction through LessonMate! For any absence, instructors can send a comprehensive video lesson which will include a few customized videos covering an array of different topics or songs to help review established concepts and promote exploration of the new material.  The collection of videos can be easily viewed multiple times during any at-home practice session to help guide correct technique and musical habits.

Here are a few tips to fully take advantage of your customized video lesson material:

  • Watch the intro video to learn what the assigned material and goals are for the week
  • Review each short video and take a few notes on the concepts covered
  • Pause any video to practice with your teacher to help enforce the same teaching-learning process that takes place in a lesson
  • Practice with the notes/goals on your stand
  • Record and play back to your own practice sessions. While listening back, listen for the concepts your teacher covered in their videos.
  • Continue to view the different videos throughout any at-home practice session for continued guided instruction

LessonMate brings ISM students various benefits and keeps the learning momentum moving forward for a rewarding music lesson experience:

  • Easily receive comprehensive lesson notes, music, and customized videos specifically tailored to your student’s current assignments and future goals
  • Access to your personal library of materials at any time for guided instruction and strong practice habits between lessons
  • Communicate with your instructor through messaging feature
  • Never worry about missing a lesson and loosing progress again!

Next time you cannot make it to the International School of Music, following these steps will ensure a productive practice week and continuous learning. Your teacher will be impressed with your progress and commitment to improvement!

For any questions on how to make the most out of your customized video lesson, contact our office at, or 301-365-5888.