Saxophone Lessons in Bethesda and Potomac

The International School of Music is currently offering online saxophone lessons as part of our distance learning program. Students can take virtual saxophone classes with our top-rated saxophone faculty all from the comfort of their own home. We use video conferencing systems like Skype or Zoom — all students need is a laptop or tablet, a reliable internet connection, and their instrument. We teach in styles like:

  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Band
  • Rock
  • Blues
  • And More!

These lessons provide wonderful convenience, safety, and the best quality education with our top-rated saxophone instructors who have student’s best interest at heart! Our faculty customize lessons to student’s goals and the type of music they want to play. Learning the saxophone is now easier than ever with online lessons. We will help you schedule your lessons with the best instructors at the most convenient time for you.

In-Person and Online Saxophone Lessons

Saxophone Lessons in Bethesda and Potomac

If you are looking for the best saxophone lessons in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, then look no further! Voted Best for Music Instruction by Washington Families and Best of Bethesda, the International School of Music saxophone lessons offer all of the following:

1.) Engaging, fun lessons taught by top-rated teachers who tailor class instruction to meet each student’s individualized goals and interests.

2.) Trophies, certificates, and award wristbands to celebrate achievement.

3.) 80+ student performance opportunities throughout the year including Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, and Strathmore.

4.) Flexible makeup schedule via 300+ group classes, which offer well-rounded music education and foster a community atmosphere for our students.

5.) Opportunity to participate in ISM ensembles and chamber programs.

6.) Month-to-month lessons without a long-term commitment.

7.) Excellent track record since 2004.

8.) Professional office staff seven days a week to serve you.

ISM provides individually-tailored saxophone lessons for students of all ages and levels. Lessons are offered in Alto, Tenor, Soprano, and Baritone saxophones and in a number of styles. When you are searching for “saxophone lessons near me” you’ll note that we are only minutes away from students in Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, Chevy Chase, and Washington D.C.

Our Saxophone Teachers

Our saxophone teachers work with students of all ages and offer instruction to students of all levels, whether they are at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. During lessons, teachers work with students to build their solo literature, etudes, orchestra, and band excerpts from all ranges of styles like classical, jazz, rock, pop, blues, and more. Our faculty is highly-qualified, are talented performers, and have worldwide concert and pedagogical experience. They bring warmth, energy, enthusiasm, and patience to each lesson, taking great care that each student at any age or skill level will grow in their musical development.

Performance Opportunities

We believe that one of the most important ways that a student learns an instrument is performing in front of an audience! We want to help your child excel in their instrument of choice with the goal of showcasing their talents in performances. We believe that frequent performances in a friendly, informal, atmosphere removes many symptoms of “stage fright” and gives students the opportunity to develop skills necessary for successful performance in other aspects of life. Students do not have to participate, but they are encouraged to as participating is a fun way to showcase talents and support other students.

Certificate Programs

The International School of Music offers a variety of optional diploma and certificate programs to its students. These programs, which have been crafted to meet the needs of all students of all skill levels, are valuable for students who want to deepen their musical involvement. In these programs, students fice a formal presentation of their prepared repertoire, technical exercises, and musicianship in front of adjudicators.

Beginner Saxophone Classes

Before even learning the fundamentals of saxophone, each student will learn how to appropriately adjust the mouthpiece and the reed, which are both essential for good saxophone playing. There are many things to learn as a beginner, which will all directly affect how you advance your skills and techniques. You will learn things like tongue placement, breathing, tone, fingering, the major scales, and so much more. In addition to the essential techniques, you will also learn beginner level songs and warm-ups that will get you more used to the instrument.

Intermediate and Advanced Saxophone Classes

Intermediate and advanced lessons will continue to polish these skills, but will also introduce new techniques and skills. You will know how to read complex rhythms and meters, interpret dynamic markings, and play for longer periods of time without fatigue with the help of numerous strength-building exercises.

As you progress, you will learn how to play expressively with phrasing, dynamics, and vibrato, as well as learn and play the full, natural range of the saxophone. You and your teacher will discuss trouble areas and how to solve them. You will learn how to master complex, difficult fingerings and phrases, and play multiple run-throughs at various tempos.

Interested in Taking Saxophone Lessons?

If you are interested in taking saxophone lessons but don’t know where to start, then contact the International School of Music today! We are devoted to providing our students with the best saxophone lessons. With thorough and guided instruction, leadership, example, and support, your child will be learning how to play the saxophone, and love it! Check out a few testimonials from our students:

“Mr.Dunkin is a wonderful and patient saxophone teacher. We are very pleased with ISM as a school and with their choice of having amazing instructors.”  – Daviel D.

“I love taking classes at ISM because all the staff is very kind, friendly, and professional! James is the best saxophone teacher!!!” 😉 – Carol D.