Hurray, Summer is here!  Time to pull the swimsuits out of storage and hit the pool!  Time to eat unlimited ice cream and watch cartoons all summer!  Time for camp and making new friends!  Time to beat that video game level!  Time to try a music lesson at the International School of Music!

…Wait what?  Did we just say music lesson? In the SUMMER?!?!  Hold your horses, it’s not that scary.  Think about it: eventually, the excitement of being free from school and other obligations is going to wear off, and the long, hot summer days are going to get (dare we say it?) boring.  GASP!

We have found that piano lessons, guitar lessons, and really, any kind of music lessons are a great way to conquer summer boredom while awakening creative juices that are sometimes stifled by academia.

Here are some ways music lessons help to overcome the ennui of the summer blues:

  1. Added structure… While summer can be fun with new activities and enjoying the weather, the long stretch of downtime can also be a recipe for disaster.  Keep your kids’ noses out of their phones all summer by providing just a little bit of structure through music lessons and practicing!
  2. …But More Fun! This is the time to learn repertoire that you might not get to study during the school year.  Rock out this summer with your favorite contemporary pop, classic rock, or Broadway repertoire:  You decide! Talk to your teacher about incorporating the music you love into your musical goals this summer!
  3. Marked Progress — Students who take privatemusic lessons during the summer tend to make more progress than students who take a hiatus for the summer. Since there’s no homework, projects, or other obligations, they can dedicate more time to learning and practicing an instrument
  4. Positive Goals – Spending time learning an instrument keeps kids working on something positive and fun. When students start working on pieces that they can quickly (see #2) show off to their friends and family, they get a great feeling of accomplishment!
  5. Use Technology for Music Learning – If your child is going to spend the summer on his/her device day in and day out, you might as well invite them to be creative with it!  There are plenty of apps designed for music creating and learning, like GarageBand, Audacity, Ableton, Sibelius, Band in a Box, and more!  Bring your device to a music lesson to jam out or record your newest material!

Overall, music lessons are the perfect way to get your kid off the couch and into something fun and engaging.  Call us today at 301-365-5888 to schedule an introductory lesson today!