Despite what the recent weather patterns might be trying to tell us, summer is fast approaching!  We’re starting to sense the quietly bubbling excitement surrounding camp, vacation, playing outside, and most importantly, the freedom from school and academic obligations.

Since summer is the time when we let loose and enjoy life, it’s the PERFECT time to take music lessons!  Whether you’re already enrolled in lessons or considering trying something new, summer provides flexible and stress-free environment that could be a game-changer in your musical development.

Just because school is out doesn’t mean that your guitar, violin, or piano lessons have to be.  There are many advantages to starting or continuing with summer music lessons, and here are just a few:

  1. Keep Making Progress! If you’re already enrolled in music lessons, chances are you understand and appreciate the benefits of music study. You know that progress in lessons requires consistent practice, overseen by your teacher’s watchful eye. What you may not realize, however, is that when students take a break from music lessons in the summer, they inevitably forget much of what they’ve worked so hard to master, get frustrated, and are more likely to lose interest in their instrument. Let’s prevent mental, musical, and muscle backtracking by attending music lessons throughout the summer!
  2. Achieve Goals with Greater Focus! Since there’s more time in the summer without the weight of school, homework, and the mountain of extracurricular activities, summer is a great time to set short-term goals for skills and repertoire you may not have had the time to learn or understand during the school year. Take on a challenge and master those concepts!
  3. Try a New Instrument!  Step out of your comfort zone and pick up a new instrument! With a lighter workload this summer, you’ll be amazed by the progress you can make, even while learning a new instrument. If your child is away at sleep away camp all summer, step in for them and take some lessons yourself! We offer piano lessons, violin lessons, and so much more for adults. Want to add a second or third instrument to your skillset?  Use the summer to try it out at our music studio!
  4. Music is FUN! Whether you’re a veteran musician, beginning  student, or somewhere in between, music is a release from the real world and an outlet for self-expression.  It keeps kids engaged and entertained while still maintaining focus and structure.You can also learn music you may not get to work on during the school year. Summer is the time to try out music from musicals, movies, YouTube, or your favorite pop songs!  From Bach to Beyoncé, this summer is your chance to have fun learning the repertoire you’ve always wanted to master!

With an engaging teacher, a cool instrument, and your favorite repertoire, you and/or your child can just relax and have fun this summer!  Come see how much fun music can be and schedule a trial lesson today! Give us a call at 301-365-5888 to schedule your first lesson or inquire at